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An Amazing Year and More to Come

I have had such an incredible journey through 2018! At the end of 2017, I had decided to take a step of faith and go full-time with J.Diane Creations. This year was filled with many challenges and many wins. My word for the year was “Thrive” and I have learned so much about myself exploring what this word meant to me. In order to “thrive” you have to look at what has been keeping you from thriving in the first place. I realized that, in many ways, I have held myself back from fully expressing myself as an artist. The main reason, I’ve concluded, has been self-doubt. I am so glad that I took the risks that I did. I have never been more confident about what I am capable of achieving.

My favorite part of 2018 was starting back up with teaching craft and paint workshops. I have connected with so many incredible people through it. When I work with a participant who struggles to create, I receive the greatest satisfaction when they are pleasantly surprised, even shocked by what they can do. Art can be fun and accessible for anyone. I love that I can encourage and inspire others in such a simple way. In 2019, I will continue to put myself out there by finally starting a blog. I have so many recipes, crafts projects and inspiration that I would like to share with the world.

Stay tuned for more ways to be inspired by J.Diane Creations!

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